do I need to replace my roof from hail damage

Do I Need to Replace My Roof from Hail Damage?

Hail is one of nature’s most damaging roofing events. This situation is particularly common in Colorado, where hail storms are frequent each year from mid-April to mid-September.

These storms usually cause significant damage to the roof, so homeowners in the region always ask the same question: do I need to replace my roof from hail damage? If you want to know if your roof just needs repairs, or when to replace a roof from hail damage, it is essential that you consider certain key issues.

Should I Replace My Roof After a Hailstorm?

You must consider the extent of the damage. To assess the impact of hail on your roof, it is wise to contact a top roofer, such as Aspen Leaf Roofing. These leading companies use advanced technologies (such as drones, for example) to make a thorough assessment of the roof’s surface and structure.

The top companies usually offer these inspections for free. Once the damage has been assessed externally and internally, the expert roofers will be able to recommend whether the roof needs to be replaced, or if it only needs repairs. Also, leading roofing companies will also be able to advise you to make the appropriate insurance claims, which will allow you to afford your roof repair or replacement project.

What Kind of Damage Does Hail Cause to a Roof?

To find out if you should replace your roof after hail damage, you need to know the possible conditions a hail storm can cause to your roof:

  • Clay shingles can crack or break.
  • Asphalt shingles may suffer bruising, cracking, and lack of granulation on the shingle surface.
  • Hail can remove any shingles, causing leaks
  • A hail storm can affect other roof elements, such as gutters, downspouts, ducts, pipes, and chimneys

Hail leaks can damage walls, interior ceilings, and floors. They can also affect the basement and foundation and put furniture and people at risk.

The Hail Damage Inspection

The examination of the roof by professional roofers is the crucial point in determining roof damage, which will allow you to decide whether or not to replace the surface. If your roof is metal, even though it is the most hail-resistant material, problems can still occur. The inspector will evaluate the roof for dents and cracks that can cause water damage. They will also pay special attention to grids, windows, flashing, and soft metal surfaces.

In the case of tile roofs, the professional roofer must study the integrity of the different pieces that make up the surface. It is essential to begin by determining if the roof ridge has any hail damage. It is usually easy to determine if any shingles are broken or cracked, but in the case of asphalt shingles, the cracks may be more difficult to find. The professional will then assess the overall damage to the structure, and recommend whether or not to replace the roof.

Rely on the Best

If you want the assistance of the best roofers in the region for inspection, repair, and replacement of your roof for hail damage, you’re in the ideal place. Aspen Leaf Roof is Colorado’s #1 roofing company, and we are at your service. We provide you with a one-stop solution, from fixing a leaky roof, to a large roofing project. Contact us and get your free aerial drone roof inspection today and get a bird’s eye view of your roof.