my roof is leaking Is it covered by insurance

For most home insurance policies, roof leaks and any other dent or damage to house roofs, are covered. The only reason such leaks will however be deemed uncoverable by home insurance is if the insurance policy specially excludes the cause of the roof leak from its policies during issuance of insurance. Thus, you need to carefully examine the home insurance policies and its deductibles to know if your claim will fly or not, before even trying to stake one for roof damage.

Roof Leaks Covered And Uncovered By Home Insurance

Firstly, you should note that home insurance would not cater for roof leaks caused by overtime wear or tear. Neither will it cover for roof leakages that occur due to bad maintenance. 

There are other cause factors also excluded from homeowner’s insurance policies. While cause factors like floods are specifically and completely excluded from home insurance policies, some causes may be partially excluded or subject to lower limits depending on the risks prone to your area. Should you choose to get coverage for any of such potential causes, you can most times include it as an additional coverage to your policy. This will be like a chosen endorsement.

Roof Leak Causes Totally Excluded From Home Insurance Policies

  • Earthquakes 
  • Landslides
  • Mudslides
  • Floods 
  • Animals or insects infestation
  • Poor maintenance
  • Wear and tear
  • Settling or Warping of house foundation
  • Pet damages
  • Government action or war
  • Rust and corrosion
  • Mold or fungus

Though mold and fungus do not make the cut for coverable causes in standard home insurance policies, they will however be considered if they come to be due to a covered event. If the mold or fungus grows however, due to negligence of hygiene, it will not be covered; except it has been added as optional insurance endorsement. 

Meanwhile, if the fungus or mold growth is due to a roof leak which’s cause is covered, a home insurance company should sure cover for mold remediation. The only reason they might not cater for the mold remedying is if you do not stake your claim promptly. 

Roof Leak Causes Covered by Home Insurance Policies

Homeowners Insurance policies will most times cover for roof leakage issues. But as earlier stated, that your home insurance company will compensate you for the repair of the roof leak is dependent on the main cause of the leakage.

Most times, home insurance policy declaration pages do explicitly state causes  that are covered or not, under your chosen policy. The following are causes usually covered by home insurance policies. They are not however limited to these.

  • Wild fire or smoke
  • Riot damage
  • Explosions
  • Volcanic eruption
  • Thunder and Lightning
  • Falling objects
  • Hail or Storms   
  • Excess snow weight
  • Vandalism       
  • AC or Heating systems
  • Theft       
  • Accidental damages from another household.
  • Vehicle damage
  • Damage by sudden steam discharge
  • Aircraft crash damage
  • Sudden damage by electricity

It is universally known that open perils are any spoilage caused by a sudden accident or incident. Nevertheless, you should move for a claim as long as your home insurance covers for the cause of your leaking roof. You can get a free aerial drone roof inspection today and get a bird’s eye view of your roof today. Visit https://aspenleafroofing.com/contact/ for more details.

my roof is leaking Is it covered by insurance