Why Is My Roof Leaking

The sight of a drip bucket in your living room or the center of your bedroom, collecting dripping water from your leaking roof, is one you surely would not like. It’s frankly annoying regardless of where the leak is.

Say it is not even the rainy season, you could have insects and the likes crawl into your place through the leak. Plus you cannot always predict the weather. It sometimes rains in seasons when you least expect it.

You might not know your roof is about to start leaking, maybe because the opening hasn’t yet given a permeable way, or it has not been tested by rains. Or maybe you have noticed that there’s a leak and you don’t understand how it came to be. Or maybe yours truly has no leaks but you want to know what causes leaks. Regardless of your position in the aforementioned category, you will find this article useful.

It is important to note why your roof is leaking, what they look like and also know the way forward to discover them, and fix them. It is important that you keep the following expositions at heart regardless of the age of your house. A leak is no respecter of the newness or oldness of an apartment. 

Main Reasons Why Your Roof May Be Leaking

Cracked Flashing

Flashing are lean pieces of iron usually fixed beneath shingles and joints of roofs, so as to make a water-resistant barricade. One thing about them is that they can be seen or concealed. Should they be seen, they usually are like a long run of sheet metal. But if they are made elusive, they will have a sort of rubber covering overtop.

Regardless of its obviousness or elusiveness, when a flashing is damaged or broken, it will develop large cracks. This usually happens when the flashing is exposed to things like wind or rain for a long time. This could be a reason why your roof is leaking.

Broken Shingles

Identifying shingles is quite very easy. They are the exterior part of a roof. When they go missing, you will easily notice them by the colored patches that might appear on your roof. Sometimes you might find them littered on the floor after a deluge. Yes, broken shingles are caused by weather factors like powerful rains and stormy winds.

Improperly Sealed Valleys

That part of the roof where two roofing sheets are joined, is called valley. Due to the fact that these parts are usually slanted, it is easy for rain water to sip through if they are not properly sealed. You can identify leak problems by checking for wet spots along your roof seams. Apart from not being properly joined, another cause is that it might have been cracked by a person when stepped on or broken by excess ice crash in it.

Cracked Vent Booting

Roof vents are like little pipes pointing out of your roof top. They’re engaged to dispel  excess moisture from the house itself.. You will notable a leak when they have issues as they will have dark musty spots trailing them.  

This usually happens because vents are usually kept concealed by using flashing around their openings and fitting a tight rubber boot to cover where the pipe-like rods are popping out. Thus when the flashing breaks, or the roof sees wear, they also are exposed to spoilage. 

There are of other reasons why your roof is leaking like ice dam buildup, improperly installed skylights and the likes. You should not be subjected to the problems of a leaking roof. You should constantly get your roof checked and get leaks fixed if they are found. Get yourself a free aerial drone roof inspection today and get a bird’s eye view of your roof by simply visiting  https://aspenleafroofing.com/contact

Why Is My Roof Leaking